“And all who believed were together and had all things in common.”  

Acts 2

Our Workshop

The training given in the Icon School aims to prepare people to work professionally as icon painters. Our Icon Workshop enables them to work professionally in a safe, collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

The BIC provides dedicated, quiet, prayerful space where iconographers can work free of the stress of cramped conditions or the vulnerabilities of working alone. We also share expensive tools and work together in getting jobs completed on time and to the highest standards.

We don’t sell icons ‘off the shelf’ but by commission. We prefer to develop a relationship with our clients so that each icon we make is crafted by prayer, reflection, discussion and research to be a unique and priceless work of spiritual art incarnated into its destination, be that a public church or a private home. Throughout the process we are conscious of Christ being at the centre, and that in all things we seek to give glory to Him. In this way we try to help people recognise Icons as a precious spiritual treasure that should grace its home for many, many years to come.

Our team is led by the Icon School Principal who oversees the work. Currently two graduate students from the School, Madlen and Sr Esther, work with him, and between them they produce icons to the highest professional standards, using only the finest materials and attentive to the traditions and theology of the Church.

Clients may request a particular iconographer to work on their commission but the standard will be to the same professional level.

Visitors are welcome to visit the workshop and chat to our icon painters, though respecting that it is a prayerful place of work, and that at times we might not be able to break away from the tasks in hand to give you the attention we would wish.

Besides painting icons we also experiment in producing our own pigments from the local rocks of the Holy Land which are sometimes used in our work. Small samples can sometimes be purchased from our small art supplies shop in the Icon Centre.

We also undertake work ‘on location’. For example, in 2016 we were in residence at Lichfield Cathedral in the UK executing two large icon panels for the nave, and in 2017 we ran an icon course near Port Elizabeth in South Africa at a Dutch Reformed retreat centre. Please do contact us if you would be interested in a similar project in your location.

Restoring iconography in the Holy Land