Our Friends in the UK are organised by Mr Stephen Baister, who is also a Founder Trustee of The Holy Land Iconography Trust.

This is a registered UK charity dedicated to supporting the BIC, and it handles all our worldwide Fundraising activity. Please do visit their website to see how you can help.

We don’t have a big budget just £35,000 a year. We live simply, seeking to be a family rather than a prestigious institution. We trust in Providence and thank God for how richly he has blessed us, and in so many ways.

However, we do employ three people as well as other occasional tutors, and have the running costs of our small but busy premises. We would wish to pay proper salaries, and to take care of health insurance. We are also unable to afford insurance for the use of the powertools in our workshop, or to equip our chapel properly. And while we are thrilled to now have over 35 regular students such a large number does mean there is a lot of on-going expenses and wear and tear.

This means we really need the help of our Friends around the world.

The HLIT provides around 50% of our income, the rest coming from the Icon Centre itself through icon commissions, course fees and sales of artist’s materials in our small shop.

If you wish to support us, and we really do need every penny we can get, then if you follow this link you can make a donation via the ‘My Donate’ website. You can even make a gift aided donation!


You could also commission an icon (20% of fees go to the BIC, 80% to the iconographer who paints it), or attend one of our courses which is one of our main means of raising our income.

Whatever you feel able to give, our sincere thanks in advance and may God bless you richly for your kindness and generosity!

Restoring iconography in the Holy Land