We have relationships with the following organisations:

The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London enabling us to offer The Prince’s School icon painting course.

We collaborate with Pontifex University, an online university based in the U.S. Participants in our courses can gain credits for their master of sacred art program.

The renovation of the new premises were provided through the Centre for Cultural and Heritage Preservation in Bethlehem with money from USAid.

The St Luke’s Icon Centre near Coventry, UK are active in raising funds and offering regular prayerful support. They also host small workshops run by the BIC Principal.

We have the support of a worldwide network of generous individuals without whom we would not be able to continue our work. We have a list of Friends who receive a newsletter from us from time to time, many but not all of whom support us financially. Our Friends in the UK are organised by Mr Stephen Baister, who is also a Founder Trustee of The Holy Land Iconography Trust. If you would like to be a Friend then please email us here.

Organiser: Mr Stephen Baister (above centre), Purley, UK.

Restoring iconography in the Holy Land