With your generosity we will be able to keep the center running in the heart of Bethlehem. The icon center empowers the traditional Christian art in the holy city of Bethlehem.

Our goal is to raise awareness on the icon painting as a traditional art style that was common for a long period of time in Bethlehem.

The center also focuses on other cultural activities that enhance the youth involvement in the society. The center believes in equal right and encourages women to take a lead too. With your love and support we will be able to keep our mission running in the beloved city of Bethlehem, and you’re more than welcome to visit us at any time.

We added other types of art like mosaics, drawings, and ceramics painting.

Our Bank Information

Bank Name: Arab Bank
Branch Name: Khader Branch
Branch number: # 9250
Account Name: Bethlehem Icon Centre
Beneficiary Address: Hosh Abu Jaror – Star Street-Bethlehem
Account Number: 739339
Account Currency: $US
Swift / BIC code: –
IBAN number: PS35ARAB000000009250739339510
Country: Palestine


Thank you for your Donation!